(CPP Originals to be announced soon)


GWAR: THE ENORMOGANTIC FAIL, Renegade Arts Entertainment – available for pre-order direct through the publisher now, in comic stores 2019.  Co-written by Matt Miner and GWAR’s Matt Maguire, and features work by CPP creators Kelly Williams and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer.

The new GWAR book examines the destruction of Flab Quarv 7 and GWAR’s banishment to Earth from the perspective of all 7 current GWAR members, with bloody and hilarious results.  Pre-order now to help fund the series!

mountain goats

art and design by Kelly Williams


ALL WE EVER WANTED: STORIES OF A BETTER WORLD, A Wave Blue World – in comic stores December 2018 from AWBW.  Edited by Matt Miner and Eric Palicki and features work by CPP creator Marie Enger.

AWEW is an anthology project of stories told against the backdrop of a more hopeful future.  Kickstarted in 2018 and scheduled for late 2018/early 2019 publishing.

eigwcover copy

EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG: Kickstarted in 2018 – spearheaded and edited by Mark Bouchard and Megan Rae.  Includes work from CPP creators Kelly Williams, Marie Enger, Matt Miner, and Ray Nadine.

EIGW is an anthology of comics about punk & mental illness benefiting the Trevor Project and MusiCares.


GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON, Dynamite Comics – Trade paperback release 2018, available in comic stores and online. W: Matt Miner, Matt Maguire A: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Tom Neely, Matt Maguire, C: Marissa Louise, Mark Dale, Josh Jensen

This time-travelling GWAR comic is best described as Bill & Ted’s on bath salts.

this nightmare cover done

THIS NIGHTMARE KILLS FASCISTS, A Wave Blue World – available direct from AWBW here, and in comic stores November 2018.  Edited by Matt Miner and Eric Palicki and features work by CPP creators Kelly Williams and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer.

TNKF is a 176 page anthology in the spirit of CREEPY and EERIE that takes a look at modern politics through the lens of horror.  Kickstarted in 2017 and published in 2018.


FHTAGN and LOATHING: available online at and on this physical plane at – Art ‘n Story by Marie Enger, edits by Nadia Shammas.

It’s like “FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS” and “DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR?” had a three way with an elder god.


IT SEEPS UP: Self published – available at – story by Marie Enger, art by David Moscati.

It gets in under your skin and settles behind your eyes. It spreads out like a virus, infecting everything around you, everything inside you. Crawling under your bones, coating your muscles. No one is safe. It’s better to give in.


NOSFERATU! : Available online at – Art by Marie Enger, story by F.W. Muranau.

A bootleg vampire art book based on the original bootleg vampire himself! NOSFERATU! Originally started as an INKTOBER 2017 project, it ended up being kickstarted to the tune of 9k and is coming to a bookshelf near you.



Just like no one asked for: PUP is ecstatic to present PUP THE ZINE VOL. 1 – THE ZINE IS OVER. This high-end, single-ply toilet paper doubles as a limited-edition, 24-page zine / comic / photo journal. A veritable “slice of life” detailing the makings, musings and trappings of your favourite band of extremely boring morons.


POSER, Waxwork Comics – available direct from Waxwork here with original vinyl soundtrack, and in comic stores late 2018.  W: Matt Miner A: Clay McCormack C: Doug Garbark L: Taylor Esposito

POSER is a punk rock slasher horror that upends some of the tired slasher tropes and champions punk rock and grindhouse horror.  It’s described as Suburbia meets Friday the 13th.


MESSENGER, Webtoon – updated on Mondays weekly on Webtoon’s mobile app and website.  Link here.  Written by Paul Tobin, illustrated by Ray Nadine, and edited by Bekah Caden.

Messenger is about a bike messenger, Dare Crilley, who discovers her new delivery client is literally divine. A dispute amongst the gods means the fate of the universe rests on a series of increasingly more difficult bicycle deliveries.

other ray book

WHAT A WOMAN, Railroad Press – available for pre-order here, due to ship late summer 2018. Edited by Ray Nadine and Rho Sovia.

What A Woman is a curated Yakuza video game fanzine featuring 38 artists, with full color illustrations of fan-favorite character, Goromi. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll knife you in the face.



Newest short in the horror short series THE DARK. This time written by Jim Gibbons with art by Kelly Williams – follows a gruesome urban legend that anyone would probably recognize from right up the road.

frolic cpp (1)

FROLIC, available at Cullen Bunn’s Patreon page.

A young adult-ish fantsy/horror romp in the vein of Something This Way Comes with a bit of Phantasm 2. Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Kelly Williams and lettered by Marie Enger.


CORPUS: A COMIC ANTHOLOGY OF BODILY AILMENTS is a comic anthology about mental illness, physical illness and healthcare experiences.  Pre-order here.

CPP creator Kelly Williams contributed the story FLENCED, written by Alex Paknadel.


WHERE WE LIVE: A BENEFIT FOR THE SURVIVORS IN LAS VEGAS, Image Comics, available in comic stores, Amazon, bookstores.

He Was Married In Las Vegas, written by B. Clay Moore, drawn by Kelly Williams and lettered by Chas! Pangburn for the anthology. All proceeds from the book goes to families and victims of the Las Vegas shooting.


BEEF JAMS: TOURNAMENT EDITION ( Out Now!BEEF JAMS is the story of a basketball playing team of truckers and their All-American mascot, Phylo the Cheeseburger.

BEEF JAMS: Tournament Edition is your chance to have the very FIRST Beef Jams EXCLUSIVE comic anthology. BEEF JAMS has been published in Image Comics & VICE Comics. Pack your shit, meat lover, you’re hired! Featuring work by Circle Pit Press creator JB Roe


SCREWJOB #5 – Published by Hidden Fortress Press ( ttp:// – Debuting at Autoptic 2018.

The pro wrestling anthology comic readers have hailed as “pretty weird,” and “kinda funny I guess,” Screwjob Issue 5 features stories by Box Brown, Paul Lyons, JB Roe, and many more!


DOGOTECH  – Self-published risograph comic – TBA 2018

A lone mecha pilot is stranded on an alien planet after being downed by enemy forces during a major skirmish. Disillusioned by the never-ending Dogotech War, the pilot contemplates his purpose in the unfathomable ocean of stars and his growing distaste for conflict.  From JB Roe.


SWEATY PALMS VOLUME 2 – Funded on Kickstarter July 2018 – Release Date of January 2019

Sweaty Palms is an autobiographical comics anthology about living with anxiety. The book features more than 320 beautiful pages of black and white comics by 45 incredible indie cartoonists from around the world. This anthology is our way of helping to destigmatize mental illness. The book will also feature a list of free mental health resources in the back.  Features work by CPP creator JB Roe