PRESS RELEASE: New Creators and Titles Join Circle Pit Press Punk Comics Collective

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Circle Pit Press is pleased to welcome new creators Vita Ayala and Eric Palicki to the punk rock comics collective formed in August of this year.

Vita Ayala is a writer from New York, NY, and is one of the minds behind The Wilds, from Black Mask Studios, Submerged, from Vault Comics and works on books from DC Comics, Image, Valiant, and more. Eric Palicki hails from Seattle, WA, and is known for No Angel, from Black Mask Studios, This Nightmare Kills Fascists and All We Ever Wanted: Stories of a Better World, both from A Wave Blue World, and his new OGN titled Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists.

New titles from Circle Pit Press creators have dropped, as well, including Kelly Williams’ horror anthology series The Dark, which will see physical publishing through Source Point Press, with a free digital version through CIRCLEPITPRESS.COM. Creator Kelly Williams says “The Dark is a lot of spooky fun! I’m excited to make them available to read for free on the Circle Pit Press site. This also marks the first time story three, Devils Gate, written by Jim Gibbons, is available digitally. From here forward, all new stories will go up upon release. Look for story four, Nanny, soon!”

Also announcing: the next chapter in the GWAR comics world titled GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail, written by Circle Pit Press creator Matt Miner and GWAR’s Matt Maguire, and featuring art from CPP creators Kelly Williams and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, among others. The GWAR book is currently in a pre-order drive at GWARCOMIC.COM to help fund production. Writer Matt Miner calls it a “Kickstarter without a Kickstarter” and urges interested GWAR fans, horror fans, fans of monsters and gore, or fans of dumb jokes told in a smart way to pre-order now and help the book come to life. Of the project, Matt adds “Well it looks like I’m not quite done with GWAR yet, and I’ll be hanging out with that crew long enough for some more dick jokes and blood spray. Always a good time when I can hide from the world in piles of bodies, covered in spew.”

Circle Pit Press was formed in August of 2018 for the purpose of mutual elevation of CPP creators’ projects, regardless of publisher. While Circle Pit Press is not a traditional publisher, creators involved can choose to publish under the CPP banner and original Circle Pit Press comics are in production now.

Circle Pit Press believes in positive and progressive values, and vehemently rejects racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia in all forms.

Up the punx!

Vita Ayala (left) and Eric Palicki (right) join Circle Pit Press
Find these new books from Circle Pit Press creators at GWARCOMIC.COM and CIRCLEPITPRESS.COM